Who do you think deserves to be an Officer?

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Who do you think deserves to be an Officer? Empty Who do you think deserves to be an Officer?

Post by Draconis Vex on Tue Oct 21, 2014 6:57 pm

If you think that someone deserves to be an Officer, then throw in your suggestion for who that person is, either here or in the Alliance Polls forum here. Anyone can suggest/vote for another member, but not for themselves (kind of defeats the whole purpose if you vote for yourself).

Just tell why you think they deserve it and who they are in-game. Suggestions will only be acceptable if I know who you are in and out of game so I can be sure you aren't suggesting yourself as an anonymous forum member. And, of course, you have to actually be a member of the alliance/forum, not just a random guest. In a poll, it's a little harder to prevent people from voting for themselves, but suggestions written in topics and PMs have to be by people who are identifiable in and out of game.

If you would rather not publicly post who/why you're recommending someone to be an Officer then you can just PM me your suggestion. I'll take it in to consideration and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks and Goodluck, Draconis Vex king
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