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Friend & Proposal Requests  Empty Friend & Proposal Requests

Post by rockyXstarr on Sat Oct 18, 2014 7:57 pm

This section is for members seeking out friends, pacts, or anything similar. I (just like in real life) am having a hard time finding a suitable significant other. I'm looking for someone with similarities to my character such as, House Stark, New Ways, Family Oriented, etc.

This section will help greatly with setting up the pacts/requests before proposing them on Game of Thrones Ascent (GoT:A). This helps prevent waiting and waiting on someone to accept or not, leaving you pending and unable to propose to others that maybe more willing to betroth your character, son, or daughter.  Marriage is just one example, of course, as this is a great place to develop friendships in and out of the game. Adding friends is very beneficial in GoT:A, especially for sending/receiving favors, so set them up here if you so choose (or are unable to in-game) and possibly make real life friends in the meantime.

The Benefits:
Friend Requests = Friends who can send you daily favors for free, and you can send back up to 50 per day. You can also view their holdings from the friends tab and gain an additional +6 Power each (maximum of 10 times per day = +60 Power total each day!)

With marriage pacts and son/daughter betrothals, you get additional Power upon completion as well as whatever item you accepted from the proposer. For example: leather armor or rashers of bacon.

Marriage Pact = +100 Power upon agreement
Daughter Betrothal = +100 Power upon agreement
Son Betrothal = +100 Power  upon agreement

Also the ability to send/receive favors with each person whom you have a pact (these favors are not included in the 50 favor daily limit when sending to friends, they are additional favors).

Reincarnating at level 80 while your character is married will net you the "Belly Full of Wine" achievement in-game as well. But chose your partner carefully, marriage pacts will stay until you reincarnate, giving truth to the saying "'Til Death do Us Part"...

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Friend & Proposal Requests  Empty Re: Friend & Proposal Requests

Post by Lord Hornwood on Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:09 am

I am looking for a Marriage,and Daughter pact and friends, I don't think most of the people on my friends list play's any more, I am currently at Lvl 131
Lord Hornwood
Lord Hornwood

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Friend & Proposal Requests  Empty Re: Friend & Proposal Requests

Post by Detrolio on Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:02 pm

Add me as friend, i am playing daily and want to keep it that way....
Sry, but i'm allready maried and have a daughter betrothal.

Di Silva Cortez

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Friend & Proposal Requests  Empty Re: Friend & Proposal Requests

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