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Post by Draconis Vex on Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:58 pm

As I mentioned in the Introduction post, I'm a very tolerant person and I don't get easily offended, but others do. I also have to abide by the rules of or they can remove the forum without further notice. So, because of this and needing to keep the peace between our members, we need to have a few ground rules. Also, Officers, please PM me if you believe something is missing or should be changed.

Forums MUST NOT contain (as posted by Forumotion):

Sexual and/or pornographic content
Hateful or abusive content
Defamatory content and/or affecting the integrity of a person
Sale or echange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription
Drugs and any other illicit substance
Copyright infringement
Phising and/or maleware website
Credit card fraud

Next is general game and alliance etiquette, these aren't rules so much as friendly suggestions to make things better for us all as a whole.

Game Etiquette:

Boss Challenges: This is the Golden Rule of GoT:A etiquette. Make sure you put your first 5 hits in, and check back as often as you can to put in the hits you get every 3 minutes. If people are nice enough to help you, return the favor by not making them do all the work! Likewise, if you join someone else in a Boss Challenge, do the same and put in as many hits as you can, even if if you aren't doing very much damage (every little bit helps Very Happy)
Language: It seems appropriate for the Game of Thrones environment, and personally I don't mind it, but cursing and swearing consistently can tend to offend other members. This hasn't been an issue in the alliance in the past but still should be mentioned so no one takes it too far.
So, please don't get out of hand, and one important thing to remember: NO racial slurs and NO religious slander! If people try to get creative don't be surprised when your posts sound strange (very few things have been censored but what has been censored has been swapped with comedic replacements)

Alliance Etiquette:

Knowledge is Power: We are an open Alliance with over a thousand members, plenty of which are new. We want to give new players a chance to get into the game by being in a friendly Alliance, so let's help them out wherever we can. We were all new players once, and everyone can benefit from the wisdom of experienced players!
Fight with Honor: When doing Player-to-Player against other alliance members, remember to only use non-harmful actions such as Aid or Barter. We don't want to use newer, weaker players in our ranks to steal from or attack or they'll not feal welcome and leave. We want to be strong as an alliance not squabble within.
Alliance Challenges: If you've been in a top place or won an Alliance Challenge before, try to give other members a shot at getting some of the top prizes as well. The challenges may be on a time limit but we have plenty enough high level players that we can save it before the brink of no return if need be. We repeat the challenges often so hopefully everyone will get their shot eventually. But don't forget that everyone should at least get a shot in for the participation reward.
Camps: Failed attacks by members in the alliance cause damage to our camps and repairs can get pricey. We need our camps in tip-top shape to earn the maximum Victory Points per hour, so please remember to keep our camps repaired while tearing your way through our competition. So get out there and take all their f*ckin' chickens! king

Thanks and Regards, Draconis Vex
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